Motorcycle adventure:

June 29, 2010

John & I just got back from a fabulous week on the motorcycle. 5 bikes & 8 people, boy, did we have a blast. We called it the Great Lakes Tour … day 1, we rode to Iowa and saw Field of Dreams – and how ironic, the movie was on TV monday night!! Day 2, we traveled through Wisconsin, from the southwest corner to the northeast corner – such beautiful country! We rolled into Escanaba, MI in time for dinner – (turned out to be our least favorite place). Day 3, we got caught in the rain, but luckily dried off before crossing the Macanaw Bridge … rolling into Macanaw City for two days. Day 4, we ferried over to Macanac Island: rented bikes, played Golfito, had a martini in the copala of the Grand Hotel (where the movie Somewhere in Time was filmed), ate toasted coconut ice cream & ferried back to Macanaw City. (Little bit of trivia – Macanaw is the English version; Macanac is the French version. The French refused to change the spelling so the Island is Macanac Island!) Day 5, we circled down to Muskegon, MI – had several adventures & Groundhog Day moments, when one of our bikes died and had to be trailered back to a city we’d riden through an hour prior.  

John came up with a new plot for me as we followed the trailer through back streets and not so scenic neighborhoods. Pat will be the heroine … and well, let’s just say, it will be a fun MS to work on. Day 6, we took the Lake Express Ferry to Milwaukee, WI – had lunch at the Iron Horse Hotel then went to the Harley Davidson Museum.

Day 7, we headed home. Got rained on twice, but isn’t that part of the adventure? We’re already planning the next trip!!  Check out my facebook page for pictures from the trip … until next time, enjoy!! Christine

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