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June 7, 2010

My husband surprised me with a Bose docking station for my office. I love it! My new writing routine now includes picking the music I want to listen to as I work on edits or on my other WIPs … genre, artist, specific album, or simply mood music. I’m putting together a few playlists, too, to capture a mix of my favorite songs.

Because music influences feelings, I choose the music for the day based on the scenes I’ll be working on. The beat has to match the flavor of the characters and the actions they’ll be involved in. I also found that specific songs speak for individual characters within each story. As an example, each song on George Michael’s – Older, helped me define all the characters in PASSION’S PROMISE. PJ, Spenser, Nick, and CJ have their own songs. I listen to them as I delve into their emotional journeys and the story unfolds with ease.

As I finish the edits on PASSION’S RACE, I listen to a mix of Lyle Lovett, Moby, Sting, and Lifehouse. An eclectic mix, I know, but they work for me. Sting started my morning and Lifehouse has taken the afternoon. What artist or genre will end my day?

That remains to be heard, because it all depends on the mood of the last scene I’ll touch tonight. For now, I’ll let the words dance on the screen. Maybe I’ll dance around the room a bit, too. What would the world be without music?? I think of gray, overcast days and turn up the volume to bring out the sun!

Sending hugs your way … Christine

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