Happy April. Trip #1 is in the books.

April 24, 2023

Our first trip of the year is behind us. What an adventure. 

We started in Buenos Aires – Argentina, enjoying a few days on our own, before boarding the Viking Jupiter to cruise up the east coast of South America. Our ports included Montevideo – Uruguay, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, and Recife – Brazil. 

Then we sailed for four days across to Africa. The ocean was like a lake. We were surprised by how smooth the days at sea were. We enjoyed the beautiful weather and spent most of our days reading. The only disappointment was our safari was canceled due to unrest in Dakar – Senegal. We detoured instead to a small African Island.   

Back at sea for a few days with our next stop in Casablanca – Morocco, where we enjoyed drinks and appetizers at Rick’s Café. What a treat! Our next port was Malaga – Spain. Then on to Barcelona – Spain where we ended our almost one month long cruise. 

We flew back to Atlanta – Georgia with lots of pictures and fond memories of our many stops. I also had a notebook filled with the many days of people watching: capturing the different ways people move, the incredible facial expressions, as well as the unique voices and intonations. A writer’s dream for creating individual characters who sound and move in their own particular way. 

So now, it’s time to get back to work. Back to the office to continue telling Anya’s story.

Until next time, hugs.   


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