Up & running again

July 12, 2010

My blog decided to have a meltdown last week, but it’s up and running again thanks to Dee. Don’t know what I’d do without you, Dee! You’re a gem.

I like this new version and plan to post more often, just because it’s fun. I’m currently learning the layout, so check back often to see what new things I’ve learned along the way.

Life continues to be exciting. John & I are training for the MS150 – no Ironman races this year, so our focus will be on the bicycle. We’re still enjoying the motorcycle, taking it out almost every weekend. Our kitties are growing up. Tango will be a year old in two weeks, and Samba will celebrate his first birthday two weeks after his sister.

PASSION’S RACE is in the hands of an agent, and I’m hoping she LOVES the story and feels it’s ready for publication. (Maybe a movie deal, too.) I’m working on PASSION’S PROMISE – revamped the plot ideas and started over with a more exciting premise. (Which reminds me; I need to update my WORKINGS page.) I’m spending some time with writer friends this summer and know I’ll get a lot of productive work done. So much creative energy flows when we sit in a room together … can’t wait.

If you haven’t done so already, please sign up for my newsletter. I don’t send out many, but it is my tool to keep you posted on when I get THE CALL. Until then – check in from time to time. I’m off to train, then it’s back to work on my WIP. Hugs – Christine

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