Revisiting with my characters

October 5, 2022

After a very long dry spell, I’ve invited my characters, Anya and Dave, Jenna and Aidan, Rory and Mark, to come into my office to get reacquainted. MYSTICAL MOMENTS is Anya’s story, so we started with her goals and how she plans to meet them. In the opening chapter, ToRitin’s II is gearing for the Holidays. Business is good, and she’s putting her heart and soul into running a successful bakery.

Dave steps in and warns her she’s working too hard, which draws a stern look from her. He wants her to slow down, so she can enjoy life a bit. Again, she frowns at him and reminds him that if she doesn’t meet her goals, the business will fail and all will be lost. Her silent partner/investor agrees.

The argument gets heated and the sibs, as I call them, jump in to smooth the moment. And so it begins.

The hopes and fears of each of them will be explored, but who will become the hero to save the day? Will the trials and tribulations tear their families apart? Will the sibs band together or will they have a falling out? They all have their opinions and they’re voicing them right now.

I’m sitting back and taking it all in. I’m making notes, filling in gaps, and letting the plot unfold. The energy in the room is sizzling and the excitement to get the story written is clutching my heart. I ask questions, listen to their answers and try to make sense of their wishes and wants.

I know that as I get into the meat of the story, events are bound to pop up to throw me off course, but that’s truly the fun of writing. I’m inspired and ready to open up the manuscript and get the words flowing again. I need to edit and make changes to what’s already written, but that’s part of the fun as well.

I’ll try to keep you updated, without spoiling the outcome. Wish me luck. (If you haven’t met the sibs, pick up a copy of MYSTICAL CONNECTIONS and have fun getting to know these amazing people.)
Until next time,
Hugs – Christine

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