January 20, 2009

I must admit, I feel a bit guilty. I’m at the beach house and though it is a chilly 40 degrees, the sun is bright and the sky is a stunning crisp blue (same color as my hubby’s eyes). Not a cloud out there, the ocean swells create a gentle rhythmic rock as the palm trees rustle in the breeze. And in St. Louis – SNOW.

I spent the morning working on updates to my site, which should be posted in the next week or so. Feel free to check them out. Coordination of the February PRO-Class Bootcamp is well under way, stay tuned for an announcement of speaker(s) and content. It’s going to rock — thanks to Julie Rowe, our February Moderator.

As soon as I’m done here, I’m going for a run to enjoy the fresh sea air and to bask in the beautiful Florida weather. (Not rubbing it in if you’re in the arctic tundra, but) I’ll sweat without worry of icing over, and I’ll come home psyched and ready to polish a few more scenes in Mystical Connections.

So with that: Stay warm, stay safe and if necessary, close your eyes and imagine the sun’s warmth bathing you as you take in a deep cleansing breath. I did say I felt guilty, right?

Until next time, Hugs – Christine 


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