The joy of writing

October 9, 2007

It seems I’m on a monthly cycle – with my posting, I mean. I’ve been so wrapped up in my daily writing goals that I’ve lost track of time. Not a bad thing when cranking out the pages of creativity. I did take time out this past weekend to attend the NJ writers conference, where I gained more craft knowledge and caught up with old friends.

The workshops I attended were informative and motivated me to keep honing my writing style and voice. Several of them added demension to the information I learned in the Michael Hauge workshops @ Nationals this past July. Clear and concise examples made reexamining my work so easy. I came home organized and ready to pick up where I left off last Thusday.

My writing has changed (in a solid and good way) since learning to follow the structure of scene and sequel taught by Hauge and many others. The ideas flow, and I’ve encountered less obstacles since adopting this way of unfolding a story. My joy for writing has flourished and I’m having more fun than ever. Can you tell that I love what I do?

I continue to knock on the door of opportunity to find the right agent for me, so that one day you can actually buy and read one of my books. Keep your fingers or toes crossed that the day comes soon. For now, Jenna and Aidan are calling, so I must return to their world to find out what will happen next. Stay tuned for more news.

Smile and enjoy life. Hugs, CM 

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