Back at the keyboard and smiling.

September 12, 2007

Well, it’s been almost a month since my last post, and I’ve been busy doing everything but writing. I raced another Ironman Race in Louisville, KY just over two weeks ago and I finished remodeling our kitchen just the other day. My mind as been storing up the scenes I need to continue with in Mystical Connections and I’m now ready to get back to work.

Mornings start with an hour or so of training (next race is in November) – time I use to plan my writing for the day. Coffee is then brewed while I shower, and then the computer is turned on and the story begins to unfold again. I’ve been back at my routine since yesterday and already the pages are filling up. Oh, it feels so good to be back in the creative cycle.

My goal is to get the revisions finished on my first two mss and to be at least 85% done with Mystical by the time I race again. With as much as I’ve stored up in my brain, I think that is quite do-able. I have one more conference to attend in early October, but that should only make reaching my goal more exciting. The women I’ll be regrouping with are filled with enthusiasm and support, they are true professionals, who give more than writing advise. I know I’ll come home stimulated and passionately ready to attack my work with renewed energy!

So, until my next post — enjoy the weather, sip coffee, smell the flowers. Do what you love doing and don’t stop smiling. Hugs – CM 



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