Re-release of Sisters of Spirit!

April 11, 2018

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share some exciting news.
The second edition of Sisters of Spirit is now available!!!
The ebook price is $3.99, so if you or a friend has not read Sisters of Spirit, get your copy today.

The paperback is now available through all retailers for $12.99.

The new cover is awesome!! Thank you for your beautiful work of art. I’m so happy to have the book available again.
Thank you Seaside Publications for breathing new life into our book.
A few updates were made, but it is the same heart-filled four novellas with five happy endings!!

Four life-long friends face the biggest changes of their lives.
Four sisters–not related by blood, but by spirit–each embark on a quest.
Four women find out what they’re truly made of, and what love indisputably means.

Four friends–Universally connected–a hidden cove–the path to Destiny.

Contact me to let me know if you enjoyed the book or leave a review at your favorite retailer.
Happy reading!!

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One thought on “Re-release of Sisters of Spirit!

  1. Hi Girls WOW what a terrific job you did. Love the cover and the changes here and there you made. Didn’t think it could be any better but there again I was wrong. CONGRATULATIONS! I know how hard it is to get 4 geniuses together and still long enough to complete a project like this. Cover is great. Love the colors.

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