Pouring Rain

September 4, 2008

It’s pouring rain outside. What a beautiful day to get some writing done. Labor Day weekend was spent getting the Florida house ready for possible visits from Hanna, Ike, and Josephine – tropical storm/hurricanes. Traking them on-line shows that Hanna is still to the east of us … may she continue on a non-damaging route until she peters out. Ike and Josephine are still too far away to tell in which direction they will go. Say a prayer and may all be spared.

For now, I look out the French doors of my St. Louis office, the rain pelting the street. There is something comforting in a gray, wet soaked day. The plants and trees stir in the wind, but look to be reaching out to catch those precious drops. Makes me want to go for a run in the park to feel the rain on my face. Hmm – not a bad idea.   

I’ll use the time to think of my next few scenes, and I’ll write them when I get back. And if it happens to be raining where you are, stop and really look at it – see the beauty in it and the life that springs from it later. Have a happy! C –

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