May updates

May 1, 2012

It’s May 1st, and I thought I’d share a few updates. I haven’t posted since December when I sold my first full length novel, ‘Passion’s Race’, because I’ve been hard at work.

I polished ‘Mystical Connections’, and sent it to my agent. My novella, ‘Identity’ for the Anthology, ‘Sisters of Spirit’ went to the editor prior to my deadline. ‘Passion’s Promise’ is mapped out, the skeleton gaining flesh, but I just put it on the back-burner to complete my edits on PR for my editor!!

I’m heading to the OWFI conference this weekend to learn everything I can about Social Media Marketing for authors, and to catch up with a good friend I met at the Reno National Conference in ’05.

Next week, while finishing my PR edits, I plan to update my website – so check back in a few weeks – I want to look into a different blog site, as an addition to this one. Then it’s back to ‘Passion’s Promise’!  

Right now, it looks like ‘Sisters of Spirit’ will debue late this year, and within three months of the Anthology’s release, look for ‘Passion’s Race’ to hit the shelves. Both books will be available as e-book and in paperback.

Besides writing, ‘The Wild Hogs’ – a group of us – are hitting the road for our annual motorcycle ride. This year, it’s a week on the Blue Ridge Parkway!! Of course I’ll be gathering information for another new story! The well is never full, and now that I’m an author – not just a writer – I have to keep those fresh ideas morphing.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, hugs, Christine  

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