Dreams come true

December 13, 2011

No matter how you picture it, it never happens that way … On Saturday, December 10th, I was on an Island with the three other anthology authors. We were there to polish our stories so we could turn them in to the editor by our December 31st deadline.

Three of us went for a ride, to pick up dinner supplies and to find the perfect cottages for Jeanine’s characters. When we returned to the house, Annette was on the phone with our Publisher – she has several projects going with them.

We went into the dining room so we wouldn’t disturb her. But a few minutes later, I heard her call my name. I poked my head in the door as she says, “yes, she’s right here. Would you like to speak to her?”

She handed me the phone, and LeeAnn Lessard asked, “Have you spoken to your agent in the last 24 hours?”

Me: “No, she’s on vacation and I’ve been working on the anthology.” Thinking: I have to check my emails!

They loved Passion’s Race and want to publish it!!! Woohoo, peel me off the ceiling!! I sold my first full-length novel!!

She said the offer went through my agent, but since they knew the four authors were together, they wanted us to celebrate … pop that bottle and let’s do the happy dance!! I think I’ll be dancing for a long time!!

I’ll keep you posted on dates and all that, but for now, join me in the celebration!!

Hugs – Christine

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