Ironman week

July 17, 2006

Race day is almost here. Unbelievable. Where have the days gone? But ready or not, race day is almost upon us. Please send all the positive energy you can spare to my husband and me this Sunday (7/23) — keep us going with your good thoughts. It’s going to be a LONG day!

I have to share a story — I feel people enter our lives for a reason, and this situation confirms it. I took my husband’s truck in for service and met a very nice man who had just lost his 24 year-old son to leukemia a few weeks prior. He said it was his son’s dream to participate in a triathlon, so I asked if it would be all right if my husband and I invited his spirit to join us during our race. Is it God’s will that he experience a dream while infusing us with his energy?

Different people believe different things, but I feel there are connections made daily that many of us overlook. Open your heart and see what wonders come into your life. And please feel free to share.

Have a safe and happy July,



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