Happy Cinco de Mayo

May 5, 2014

Who stole the first four months of 2014? I can’t believe it is May 5th – Cinco de Mayo – a day many will celebrate! I’m celebrating too. Just returned home from a wonderful, informative weekend at OWFI – Oklahoma Writer’s Federation, Inc – writers conference. Met many talented writers and authors, sold signed copies of all three books, attended some awesome workshops, met Eloisa James, and caught up with a dear friend over a couple of glasses of wine.

Andrew E. Kaufman did an evening talk on Thursday which I enjoyed tremendously. I bought one of his three books, which I started while waiting in the airport to fly home. By the time I landed in St. Louis, I was well over half-way through. Man, is he good!! Don’t believe me? Pick up a copy of The Lion, The Lamb, The Hunted and judge for yourself.

The first page sucked me in and I kept turning the pages to find out what was coming next. If I wasn’t ‘catching up’ after being gone for four days, I’d be turning those pages to find out how it ends. Trust me, I’ll get back to it soon!

Eloisa James did the Keynote Speech and as usual she was funny and charming as she took us on her journey to becoming a NY Times Bestselling author (21 times … wow). She also did a boxed lunch workshop and showed us how she manages her writing and the business side of her writer’s life. Social media, engaging with her readers, running contests, and giving away swag. She’s dynamic, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. An inspiration to many.

Most of the workshops I attended were great, but I have to shout out to Heather Davis for the two fabulous ones I sat through: The Best Little Blog in the Blogoshere and Being Everywhere — getting your name out there. And to Nathan Brown for renewing my passion with poetry!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!

I came home tired yet energized with new knowledge to hone my craft and edit until my current ms is shining like a newly polished diamond. Having said that … I better post this and get back to work!

Thanks OWFI for hosting another outstanding conference. See you next year.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Cinco de Mayo

  1. OMGosh! That conference definitely energized and inspired you!! And after the longest, worst winter on record, I bet it was very welcomed. GREAT blog Christine! You have me smiling with enthusiasm from ear to ear! Hey, wait . . . isn’t that what a great writer does? Inspire her readers? 🙂

  2. Hi Christine, I was so glad to see you this year. The OWFI Conference is such a great place to renew our writing and friendship. I can tell you are as excited as I am about all we heard and learned this year. Now I’m so excited about so many areas we learned new tricks to help and revitalize our WIP and media places to boast our name attraction and Title promotion. I’m also rereading all the stuff we talked about on our own and applying it to my writing. Be sure to let me know when your next book will be available. Girl I love them.

  3. Thanks Jo. It was great catching up and brainstorming ideas. I’ve hit another snag in my current WIP, but I’m going to take the weekend to think through what still needs to happen, then I’ll get back to it next week. Hope to have it done by month’s end. Wish me luck!!!

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