Welcome Samba – Tango’s brother.

February 22, 2010

On January 30, John, Mike & I went to several shelters in search of a sister for Tango. While John & I watched this little black kitten in its cage, Mike found a small male who was gently patting the terrified kitten in the next cage. He was so gentle with this kitten and Mike called us over to watch. He looked just like Tango except he’s short-haired, Tango is long-haired. He seemed playful, yet sweet, so we decided to adopt him.

We got him home and opened the carrier. Within ten minutes, he and Tango were playing and hugging, and sharing nose kisses. Samba became the newest member of our family! And boy, what a perfect choice, they are best buddies. They take turns being the dominant one, they teach each other games, including the “I’ll snatch the food and drop it to you while Mom’s not looking …” one. They are a true gift from our other boys, Taco & Tequila – and they’ve brought lots of laughter into the house(s). They made the road trip from FLorida to St. Louis with ease and are now enjoying their second home!

What a joy they are. May you find your joys in life! Treasure them each & every day.

Hugs – Christine

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4 thoughts on “Welcome Samba – Tango’s brother.

  1. Hi Friend

    Just read your post and the others below it. They are so sweet and I can, from your description, feel the softness of their fur. I know the joy that filled your heart to find these two, not fill the hole left in your heart by the precious two that left so unexpectedly, but to soften the blow that hit your hearts. Soon the 4 will be cuddled together and separately in your heart filling it ’til you need more room for another that needs your love. I’m so happy for you both and the two little joys. I know you are happy.

  2. Glad you are all home and well. The kitties are the best.
    Samba, the black Pink Panther, is definitely his own “man”. And Tango “Squirrel” has a special place in our hearts…what a great Christmas present she has turned out to be! And she probably thinks SHE is the lucky one :o)
    Thanks for the newsletter/update!

  3. Thanks Jo, they do fill our hearts with joy. I do believe that Taco & Tequila are purring down from heaven, watching their little sister & brother play!

    And V – nothing will ever measure up for Christmas. Sometimes the best gifts find us!! We are the lucky ones. Love you.

  4. Every day is a new adventure for these two. Crazed they wear each other out and end up napping at noon. You can almost see the energy they are storing up for the next chase and tumble! Got to love them!!

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