Spring brings freshness …

March 25, 2010

Once a month, a little voice whispers in my ear, “It’s time to blog.” And this month, it added, “Hey, don’t you think it’s time to update your site?”

With spring edging in, it does make sense to clean up and freshen. The magnolia outside my office window is covered in buds, looking ready to explode into color. Our little pear trees have tiny green sprouts which will flower in glorious white fluffs. The grass is growing while the birds sing. Yeah, it’s time to open up the windows and let spring in.

So, today, I’m going to take a break from my WIP and navigate through my site … 2010 deserves something different. Something new. Something that will pull me that much closer to meeting my goal. Did I tell you, I’ve been standing on the edge of the world, shouting to the Universe – “I am ready to be published!” Maybe 2010 will be my year.

Happy Spring … take some time to stop and smell the flowers, to soak up the colors as they wake up around us. Until next month, hugs – Christine.

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6 thoughts on “Spring brings freshness …

  1. Hi Christine! Loved the blog. I have one suggestion – you should change the comment button to read “Make a Comment” or something like that, rather than “No Comment”. When I read that I thought it meant the blog was closed to comments. Also, are you asking for an email address above or a home address? If email, you might want to change it from “Mail” to “Email” just to be a little clearer. Site is FANTASTIC!!

  2. Thanks, Lisa, for the suggestions. It’s good to have a pair of eyes out there to catch such blunders!! Off to make some changes. Check in again for a fresh look. Happy Spring!

  3. Hi Lady

    Your site is beautiful as always and fun to read. I feel like we’ve had one of our marathon talks when I’m through.
    Thank God you put that stunning picture of yourself back. I always feel like we have really communicated when I look at it. It is perfect for people to look at and instantly know how great you are. Better stop or DH might think he should get worried.
    The weather is finally getting a tiny tough of spring. My yard is a mess. Couldn’t find the heart to start over last year. It has always been a show place but with all the ice damage nothing much was left. But I’m getting the itch to re-landscape the whole place. Will have to start from scratch but it’s OK.
    I’m also going to start redoing my writing office. I’ve used up all the inspiration with it as is. You know me I’m a mover and shaker, literally and figuratively. My WIP is going good. Now just to get into HOKBIC mode.
    Luv Ya

  4. Thanks Jo,

    I’m loving Spring. Like you plan to do, I cleaned out my office a few weeks ago. I donated a bunch of books to a senior center and freshened up the entire space. I’ve felt renewed energy ever since. It’s fabulous … I know you’ll feel like a new person once you’re done.

    Can’t wait to get together again. Miss you,

  5. Spring is a time of renewall. I absolutely love spring! Your site is terrific. It’s just like talking to you personally. 🙂

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