RWA National Conference in Dallas

July 18, 2007

I’m back, exhausted but exhilarated, ready to plunge back into my work. My admiration goes out to everyone involved in making this conference what it was — awesome! The PRO retreat was the best yet, filled with terrific information that each of us can put to use ASAP, the workshops were filled with inspiring and realistic information for writers of every level, the luncheon speakers shared stories that made us laugh, but helped us believe that we, too, could follow their path of success – if we just work hard enough to get there. The galla of course was over the top and my congratulations go out to every finalist with huge applause for the winners! You ladies rock.    

Though I loved everything about the conference, one (actually two) workshops made an incredible difference for me. Michael Hauge shared such clear and concise formulas for writing in his workshops that I ran back to my room to make notes on revisions I needed to make on my current mss. I will use what he taught me from now on with every story I write, knowing that he’s brought my abilities to a new level. I feel like I’m hugging a new secret, even though he’s willing to share it with the world, so it’s really not a secret at all. 

Well, I better get going with those changes, so I can get my work submitted again. Will I be one of those who makes the leap from PRO to PAN  by next year’s conference? Only time and determination will tell.

Happy writing and reading. Christine   

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