Newly Released; Mystical Connections – 7/2/13

July 10, 2013

I’m SO EXCITED to share the news that Mystical Connections – book 1 of the Mystical Series – was released on 7/2/13. It is now available on, B&N, iTunes, Kobo, and other favorite book retailers. What’s the story about?

Jenna Nichols, a young successful author, uses her psychic abilities to channel Universal messages through her writing. Having blown an interview with Aidan Scott, an all-about-the-facts journalist, she invites him to join her as she researches a building from a dream, believing it to be her next story.

Physical attraction, philosophical differences, and something more mystical, draws the two together and pulls them apart as they work to unearth what may become their common destiny.

She begins uncovering history that could change Aidan’s life as he knows it and shade his black and white world with gray, while threatening to tear her own family apart.

Will she continue on this path knowing what she might destroy along the way? Pick up a copy and find out for yourself. The e-book is only $3.99!!! The paperback is coming soon – I’m waiting to hear from LunaDance Publishing on the price and release date. I’ll post as soon as I know. So check back soon.

It’s been an awesome seven months since Passion’s Race was released, and I’m looking forward to the busy schedule I have before me. My goal is to have Mike Dawson’s story finished by August, then I’ll start Anya Quinlan’s story – book 2 in the Mystical Series. Kate Brooks’ story, which will be # 3 in the Passion’s Series,  is quietly waiting in the background, but I’m eager to get that one written, too. And so on … 

I ordered new bookmarks to feature Passion’s Race and Mystical Connections – I’m heading to the RWA National Conference next week – a great place to meet other writers and promote our work. Once I’m finished writing this blog, I’m going to work on my website updates. Check back soon to see those. And be sure to check out for my next blog (Friday 7/12) to find out which story was my absolute favorite to write!!

2013 started with a marathon – the Disney World 20th Anniversary – but I haven’t stopped running as a writer. My fingers have been flying, my brain on warp speed, my imagination conjuring new stories by the day!! And all I can say is “I love it, I love what I’m doing, because I’m doing what I love!”

Until next time – Hugs!! Christine

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