August 24, 2010

The creative juices are flowing. It’s so nice to be working on a new project. Editing is fine, but to begin something new, stimulates the brain.

Passion’s Promise is taking shape. I’ve completed four chapters & mapped out ten in total. Have an idea where the rest of the story is going, but I’ll take my time building the rest of the skeleton.

I like to see where the characters take the story. PJ & Spencer seem to know where they are headed, so I’ll let them lead the way. It’s more fun that way.

I know, you’re sitting there saying, “But you’re the author, you write what you want.” – but that is not always the case. Other writers will confirm, sometimes the characters have a mind of their own and will take the story in a completely different direction then the writer intended.

I’m eager to find out what surprises they’ll bring to the table today … check back in a few days and I’ll update my progress. I’ll also share some of the twists PJ & Spence add to the whole.   

Until then – bike training first then on to Chapter five! Hugs – Christine.

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