Gloomy Day :o(

October 13, 2009

It has been gray and wet and cold for days now and it’s bumming me out. My creative side has disappeared with the sun, leaving behind a dull ache of emptiness. Tequilla is crying out (it seems constantly) — can he be missing Taco that much? I know I do! I find myself looking for him everywhere, waiting for his little black body to come bounding up the steps or into my office. Just yesterday, his friend the squirrel came up to the window and gently tapped against the glass. It was the funniest thing, but I’m guessing he was looking for Taco so they could chat. The world is so sad without our little buddy!!

Well, I better get back to my WIP – it certainly won’t write itself. Until next time, Hugs — Christine. 

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