Come Walk the Beach with me…

March 2, 2017

Coming Soon!!!

Yesterday was my father’s birthday, so my walk included many wonderful memories of him. He’s been watching over me from heaven for over twenty-two years, and though the ache of missing him has ebbed and flowed, it’s always more intense on special days…

Pelicans glide overhead, circling, floating, and I feel peace wash over me. Is it my dad’s way of confirming he is near? A signal that he knows I’m thinking of him and wishing him a happy day?

He had so many wonderful qualities that I’ve tried to incorporate them into my characters. Writing Passion’s Promise is no different. I will infuse his integrity, the generous heart he shared with others, his wisdom through Spencer, Nick and Uri. Yes, Uri is visiting with us again. So are Kyle and Big. I have a few other characters from Passion’s Race and Passion’s Spirit making cameo appearances, and oh my, I just thought of an excellent twist to the plot.

I love when this happens. My mind is focused on today’s writing plan and BAM a new scenario pops into my thoughts. A surprise I hope you, my readers, will enjoy! The thread is twining in my brain and excitement shoots through me. The colors, the emotions, the rhythm of the story blend to form another sub-plot to deepen the overall story and to tie up some loose ends from my previous books.

I won’t give anything away, but I must get back to my computer to get these images written. They are spinning so quickly that I can’t risk missing the rich details of each sentence, each scene, each movement to paint the whole.

Okay, my walk just turned into a run… So, until next time.
Hugs – Christine

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2 thoughts on “Come Walk the Beach with me…

  1. Hi Christine
    Saw you through our window in space. I love your Website. I’m going to put mine on our discussion list for OWFI. The young man that did mine is in CA and I can’t seem to tell him what I want in a way he can understand and convert it to what I’m trying for on my site. He is busy and I need to find someone that knows writers and how we think and see things to be able to get mine up and going. I love most of mine but it just sits there and nothing gets done because he is doing it all and is busy.
    As for yours it is so like you. I love the flow of the info and the looks of the entire site. I love a blog you are able to connect with friends and fans on. Oh Well, must go now. IS IT MAY YET??? I need a glass of WINE and YOUR company. LOL

    • Hi Jo,
      I just got back from Hawaii. Wonderful time by the ocean, time to reflect and conjure new scenes for Passion’s Promise. I can’t wait until May. We have a lot to discuss and some much needed writing done!! I’ll pour myself a glass this evening. “Cheers!”
      I’ve got so much going on, but trying to get the MS written by June 1.
      Hugs for now. I’ll keep you posted!!!

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