Happy New Year.

As we dive into 2022, I want to wish everyone a healthy, loving, productive year! My goals, not resolutions, but goals are to live healthier, move more, and spend quality hours writing the rest of MYSTICAL MOMENTS.

2021 was not a productive year for me, so I’m going to push myself to finish the MS, edit the story, and get it to my editor in the next six months. I’d like to have it available before the end of the year.

We have one huge trip planned. We’ll see if it’s a go as we continue to navigate through Covid. If we do get to go, I plan to use some of my time observing people for new character traits, movements, facial expressions, and vocal tones! It’s been too long since I was able to people watch.

For now, it’s time to buckle down and get writing.
Once again, Happy New Year!!!
Until next time,
Hugs – Christine

Happy New Year!

Happy 2020. I’m walking into it with clear vision. I’m not making New Year Resolutions, but I am setting goals.
To spend more time with family and friends, creating wonderful memories of joy. To travel to destinations my hubby and I have never visited, stockpiling additional settings for future books. To getting another new book out, so my fans can enjoy one more mystical story. I’m committed to learning more about crafting, editing, and strengthening my writing to continue bringing emotion to the page. (See my NEWS page for an exciting course I’ll be hosting at our beach house in the Fall!)

I’m determined to learn more about promotion and sharing fellow authors’ books to help widen the audience for others. I’ll continue to host and attend writers’ retreats to keep the camaraderie brewing within the writing world. We always have such fun brainstorming, then working on our individual projects. There’s something magical about the energy in the room.

I plan to attend only a few conferences this year, the ones that celebrate authors and readers alike. What a fabulous way to network and meet new people, visit with old friends, and make new friends for life!

What are your plans this year? What adventures do you have planned so far? What goals do you hope to reach?
Can’t wait to hear how you plan to dive into 2020…So, please share.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous year!
Until next time,
Hugs – Christine

OWFI Conference

I just got back from the OWFI conference in Oklahoma City. This was the first conference I attended as a Published Author! Woohoo! I sold a few copies of my book, handed out many business cards and bookmarks, attended a dozen interesting workshops and got my muse fired-up again. I sat down and thought through all of my story ideas and drew up a plan to get these books written and in the hands of readers over the next few years. Passion’s Race – which is available in e-book and paperback – will now be book 1 out of 4. Think of this as the ‘Passion’s’ series. I’m currently working on Mike Dawson’s story, and have Kate Brook’s story and Passion’s Promise (book 4) started.

Mystical Connections, will be book 1 of 3, and we’ll call this the ‘Mystical’ series. (I’d like to have MC ready for readers by summer!) I want to revisit my first MS, The Chase is Over, book 1 of another 3 book series. It needs editing and updating, but I’m thinking I can have that done by the beginning of next year. And the plotline for Heart’s Reunion, book 1 of the ‘Heart’ series – a 3 book series I’ve been brewing in my head – pushed its way to the forefront, showing me it’s almost ready to be written.  

Sisters Of Spirit, the anthology written with my friends, is already available, and we’re in the discussion stages to write several more anthologies together! I know it sounds like an aggressive schedule, but I’m excited about it. My goals have now been set for the rest of 2013 through 2016. Lots of work to do, many characters to bring to life, but my heart beats with anticipation that the next few years are going to be awesome.

This week, I’ll be updating my website and sending out a newsletter, so keep your eyes peeled. More news heading your way.

By the way, if you’ve read Passion’s Race and/or Sisters Of Spirit, please go to your favorite e-retailer and write a short review. Feedback from our readers will help make the next book something you’ll want to read. Wishing you a marvelous month of May …  

Until next time, Hugs – Christine