Passion’s Race

  • Series: Passions Series , Book 1
  • Release Date: October 26, 2014

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Life is about never-ending choices. Yet some people never have the courage to choose change.

CJ Fallon has struggled with a family she’s never quite fit into and a negative body image tainted by her toxic, emotionally distant mother. CJ’s mom has found fault in every decision CJ has made so far in her life; from earning her degrees, to climbing the corporate ladder. Toxic Mom even frowns on CJ’s love of competing in triathlons.

When CJ wins her “age group” in an Ironman race as an amateur, she gains the attention of the world’s athletic elite, Nick Madison, a former Tour-de-France star. He coaches an up-and-coming Ironman team, and he wants her to join his group and become a professional. To race as a Pro!

CJ struggles with her decision but once she commits to something there’s no turning back.

After all, life is about choosing change, embracing it, thriving from it.

Even if it means leaving a stable career, and moving half-way around the world with her new all-male team.

Even if it means continuing to wilt under her mother’s rejection.

Even if it means losing her heart, and risking her very life to rescue the team.

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