The snow melted and the sun shines strong. It is 74 degrees here in St. Loius – unbelievable for mid-February, but I love it. Could this be a sign that winter is behind us? I can hope, can’t I?

I’m close to finishing my revisions for Mystical Connections, then work continues on Passion’s Promise. Seven chapters already written, almost twenty chapters mapped out, just have to decide how I want the story to end, then I can finish building the skeleton.

My agent submitted Passion’s Race, which put us in the ball game. Will we get a base hit? or a homerun? Will 2011 be my year? Again, I can hope, right?

I have great feelings about this year! How about you? How has your year started? What key goals do you hope to accomplish this year? As I dream of getting published, what are you dreaming about?

I look forward to hearing from you. Hugs – Christine

MIA for a reason.

A very dear friend reminded me the other night that I haven’t blogged since August 24th. So true, but there is an excellent reason for the disappearing act. I decided to take a short break and share … I’m doing another edit on Passion’s Race for an agent!!

She thinks I’ve created a unique world and a quality story. One that she thinks can be a winner! Don’t want to get my hopes too high, because there is never a guarantee – but the time she’s taken to help me polish confirms her belief of my potential. So, I’m gladly humming as I scour each sentence within each paragraph to revise with vivid, vibrant verbs (her 3 v’s)! 

I have approximately 53 pages to go, then I’ll do a final read-through, before I hit send and get back to work on Passion’s Promise. Wish me luck; cross fingers, toes, legs, eyes – whatever it takes to send positive energy my way. I’ll take anything you have to offer.

Off I go, back to my cave to get this finished and back in her hands. Until next time, hugs – C.