Writing with a view

October 10, 2022

The view outside my office window is beautiful. The leaves are starting to change color. Bright yellow, flaming red, burnt orange fluttering in the light breeze with the sun highlighting the hues. Red-headed woodpeckers fly from tree to tree creating their own rhythms. It’s quite pleasant to listen to as I write. I look up between sentences and watch the squirrels jump across the highest branches, marveling that they don’t fall.

The lake today is flat as glass, the color as gorgeous as an aquamarine gem. There isn’t much boat traffic, so maybe after I hit my word count for the day, hubby and I can take the tandem kayak out. The temperature, 75 and sunny, is perfect for an afternoon outing. How’s the weather where you are?

Well, I guess I better get my word count in, so I can enjoy an afternoon paddle on our amazing lake.

Until next,

Hugs – Christine

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