What the ocean does for gloom!

October 22, 2009

North-easterly winds are blustering, causing the muted unpolished emerald ocean to buck and roll, but the sun is shining an it is a delicious 84 degrees. Yesterday afternoon, I took a long walk along the edge, let the still warm water splash and curl around my toes, and rescued five beautiful purple star-fish. Today, I tried to run, but the waves were crashing only two feet from the burm. The sand was soft and overly-shelly, so again, I walked and enjoyed Mother Nature, my solitary running shoes waiting on the boardwalk.

Being out in nature does wonders for the pent up gloom of the last few weeks. I can feel the new revitalized enegy snapping through me as new scenes form in my head and beg to be written. Yes, I have other business to attend to, but all free time will be spent working out, dreaming up new scenes, and writing … one of these days, I’ll get it right and the passion I’ve poured onto the page will be there for you to share. One of these days!!

For now, I’m soaking up the sun, staring at the ocean as I get ready to start another chapter in one of my mss. Hmm – I just love the beach! Hugs — Christine 

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