Samba is my new editor

July 13, 2010

Samba - my editor

My little guy as taken an interest in my WIP. Samba points out that my format is excellent, and he thinks I nailed the emotion in this scene. He purrs to show he likes what’s written so far. Then he sits patiently, waiting for me to continue.

His sister, on the other hand, has positioned herself on the right side of my computer, content to sleep and simply keep me company. She reaches out once in a while, gently patting my hand with her paw – “Just letting you know I’m here, Mom.”  

My babies, my companions; they fill my heart with such love. I could just eat them up, they’re so cute! They both have  distinct personalities and keep me laughing for hours. I couldn’t ask for better company while I work.

Awe, Tango just jumped off the desk to bring me her favorite toy. With a little mewl, she asks me to take a break and play. How can I ignore her beautiful little face? That’s right, I can’t. So, until next time – Hugs, Christine

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