MIA for a reason.

September 28, 2010

A very dear friend reminded me the other night that I haven’t blogged since August 24th. So true, but there is an excellent reason for the disappearing act. I decided to take a short break and share … I’m doing another edit on Passion’s Race for an agent!!

She thinks I’ve created a unique world and a quality story. One that she thinks can be a winner! Don’t want to get my hopes too high, because there is never a guarantee – but the time she’s taken to help me polish confirms her belief of my potential. So, I’m gladly humming as I scour each sentence within each paragraph to revise with vivid, vibrant verbs (her 3 v’s)! 

I have approximately 53 pages to go, then I’ll do a final read-through, before I hit send and get back to work on Passion’s Promise. Wish me luck; cross fingers, toes, legs, eyes – whatever it takes to send positive energy my way. I’ll take anything you have to offer.

Off I go, back to my cave to get this finished and back in her hands. Until next time, hugs – C.

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