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July 20, 2021

Just after Christmas, both Tango and Samba got sick. We didn’t know what was happening, so we took them to the vet. They both got blood panels done. The bad news came. Samba had heart disease and Tango was diabetic. Both kitties were about to turn twelve, which is considered to be their Senior Years, but because our other cats lived to the nice age of eighteen, we thought we might be able to extend their lives with the proper care and medication and lots and lots of LOVE.

Samba went to a specialist, had fluid drained from his chest and was placed on heart meds. Ever try giving a mini-panther a pill? It’s NOT easy!!! And poor Tango, she gets an insulin shot at 5am and another one at 5pm everyday. She’s been a trooper. Her sweet disposition hasn’t changed. Her purr is still strong.

We decided we would do everything possible and love on them as much as we could. Samba faded over the next few months and finally crossed over the rainbow bridge on May 10th. It’s been extremely difficult to live without him, he was so smart, energetic, and loving. Missing him so much is one reason I delayed sharing this news. But his sister needs us too.

Our focus became Tango. Weekly trips to the vet to check her glucose level and tweak her insulin dosage. Talk about fun. Not. Not much changed over the last six months, and because there was no improvement, the vet tested for a few other issues. We learned she has a pulmonary tumor and the prognosis is not good. But again, she’s our fur-baby and we want her to have the best quality of life until it’s her time.

We give her her shots, kiss and hug her as much as possible each day and hope she’ll hang around for much more loving. When it’s time for her to join her brother, we pray she goes peacefully and without pain. I don’t wish for that day to come, because I know our hearts will break again. I pray that our love and care sooths her and keeps her comfortable.

Hugs to all my friends who have lost a fur-baby this year. My heart hurts with you.
Keeping Tango and all fur-babies in my prayers.
Until next time,
I send you Hugs.

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