In the company of writers.

July 14, 2008

It’s difficult to explain the energy created simply by being in the same space with other writers, but Passion’s Promise, my fourth story has come to life thanks to a group of incredible women and a special writers’ retreat. A very special friend opened her mother’s home to us (a group of eight) and we brainstormed, laughed, chatted, and found quiet time to work on our individual WIP’s — the energy swirled and sizzled and I think we all felt the magic of productivity. I certainly did!

The setting was fabulous, who wouldn’t be productive on a tiny island off the New England coast? Our afternoon breaks were spent at the beach, where we continued to brainstorm or work out story issues. Several brave souls ventured into the water, which was way too cold for me, but the sunshine and the comradery warmed me to the core. 

It was the company that made the days/nights sprint by. I’m blessed for having met such wonderful people. I’m thankful for each moment I’ve been allowed to spend with them. I thank them for being an inspiration to my work and for the friendship they so unselfishly share!!

To the “Moondance babes” thank you for being there for me. Best of luck with your work and until we can get together again, write with passion.

Hugs, Christine  

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