Dinner with a friend.

November 19, 2008

Last night I went to a friend’s house; we cooked dinner, played with her 21 month old daughter, planned Thanksgiving dinner, and shared favorite Christmas memories. Our hubbies were in NY for the Grand Opening of the Via Spiga Store in Soho. (If you find yourself in NY, stop in to see their incredible creation.) Our guys lead the team of talented people who created the vision and then brought it to life. All I can say is WOW!! (You can check out the website, too — www.viaspiga.com) Let us know what you think.

Christmas traditions vary from family to family, but our childhood memories were very similar … going to bed with barely anything under the tree, and waking up very early in the morning to see the mound of gifts left by Santa. I loved sitting in the dark and watching the tinsel glisten as it caught whatever light was available. My brother and I would look at all the tags and try to guess what was inside each package, then we would take our stockings into my room and play with all the goodies until Mom & Dad got up. (I have to give my parents credit – they knew just how to keep us occupied, so they could sleep in a bit.) We’d have croissants and cafe au lait before presents were handed out … and one by one, we’d take turns opening them until there was nothing left wrapped. Then it was play time … It was a huge deal for both of our families.     

We talked about how some of those traditions along with our husbands’ memories created our own family favorites. It brought to mind the “building memories” I mentioned in an earlier post. They have a little one, so they’re still building traditions … we, on the other hand, have cemented many of our special moments. Though I’m sure those will change when our son & daughter-in-law have children. One more set of family favorites will be stirred into the mix, building even more memories for the future. Ah – the Holidays, they make me feel all warm & fuzzy inside!

On the way home, I drove on empty streets listening to Bon Jovi’s Lost Highway – track three, (You want to) make a memory brought tears to my eyes. It is such a beautiful song and it tied up the end of the evening perfectly. I was thinking nothing could top this, when I pulled onto my street and looked up to see the moon – it’s huge, brilliant glow lighting my way. It looked like someone had taken a pair of sissors and cut it in half … I was so moved, I called my friend and told her to go outside to look at it. Amazing, isn’t it, how a moment in time touches you?

What are your favorite memories or traditions? Will you build new ones this Holiday Season? Who will you share them with? Happy Holidays, my friends – with love, Christine.


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