Christmas Eve

January 1, 2010

It was a stormy Christmas Eve in Atlanta, but the kids wanted to walk the dogs. John insisted I go with Mike & Veronica so we would each have a huskey. So off we went, me with Fallon, Mike with Suka, and Veronica with Nikki. We made it up the block and across the main street and headed up the hill when we heard mewling in the tall grass by the side of the road. I stopped and a black ball of fur came barreling out of the bushes to sit at my feet. A tiny kitten – dirty, wet, and obviously fearless. Three huge huskies and three human beings and this little thing wrapped itself around Fallon’s hind legs and followed us when we moved.

Mike, fearing the little thing was rabid, ran all three dogs back home, grabbed a box & blanket and came back to get us in his truck. We drove around looking for a vet or a shelter, but on Christmas Eve what were the chances something would be open? We did find a shelter, but they would not take the little thing … it’s eyes were all crusty and it looked pitiful. They gave us food and a litter box and off we went.

We stopped at Red Bandana, the place where the kids bathe their huskies and bathed the little thing. We cleaned her eyes and took her home. The strange thing is the day before as John & I drove to Atlanta to spend Christmas with the kids, I told John I didn’t want to look for new babies (Tequila had only been gone 12 days) – instead, we should let them find us! John agreed & thought we would have a year or so before that happened.

Well, could our purring angels have planned this little gift? This little bundle of pure black fur cuddled with us worming her way into our hearts. On Saturday, we took her to the vet to make sure she was healthy. All tests were negative and the eye infection was treatable with drops. Truly, this was a gift from our boys … who could have planned it any better?

“Tango” our new bundle of joy is sweet and loving, beautiful and coy, sleek and fast as lightning. She drove back to Florida with us and has settled in just fine, showing characteristics of both Taco & Tequila. She makes us laugh and she warms our hearts!! We are Blessed that she found us and is now sharing our home. Welcome to the family, Tango!

Happy New Year everyone … may 2010 bring you health, wealth, & happiness! Hugs – Christine   

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