Birthday Bash!

September 15, 2022

In September of 2019, before the pandemic hit, hubby and I crashed my older brother’s Alaska birthday cruise. I was on the phone with my middle brother, who was telling me all about their plans to cruise to Alaska. While we talked, hubby got on line and booked us on the same ship!! 

We did tell my middle brother we were booked, but told him not to tell our older brother. We wanted to surprise him by showing up on the ship!! It was a tough secret to keep, but on boarding day, we planned with middle brother to meet at the bar for a drink. 

You should have seen the look on older brother’s face when we walked in. It took a minute for it to sink in…”Happy Birthday, we’re cruising with you.” He looked astonished. How could we be there? Was it shock? Disbelief? While he processed, my sister-in-law jumped out of her chair and welcomed us with huge hugs and excited screams.  

It turned out to be a fun and crazy cruise. We were so busy having fun, we forgot to take a group photo. Hmm. Well, we plan to remedy that this year. 

My sister-in-law planned a birthday bash weekend in Clearwater, FL, starting tomorrow. Drinks, dinners, Sunday brunch with his kids and grandkids, with plenty of time to sit by the pool or walk the beach. We have not seen each other since the cruise (duh, Corona Virus), but we’re all vaccinated, boosted and have been isolated for three years. Time to spend some family time together and what a better way than to celebrate older brother’s birthday!! 

Happy Birthday, Bro!!! Can’t wait to reconnect.

Until next time – Hugs,



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