I am an accomplished business woman and Ironman triathlete, but I’m also a dreamer and an observer. I love to watch people. It’s a wonderful way to create unique characters. Mannerisms, voice inflections, and facial expressions pieced together allow me to create memorable characters who become friends once placed on the page.

I’m an athlete, so my heroines are active as well. Some compete, but others simply exercise for peace of mind and good health. I’m spiritual and believe in heaven, therefore some of my characters hear, feel, or see spirits.

Whether I write about an athletic journey or a spiritual connection, there is always a powerful message that I hope brings promise and inspiration to my readers.

I think the risks we take and the courage we display helps broaden our lives and I try to infuse this belief into my stories. My friends call me an empath, which means plenty of emotions fill my pages. I aspire to make readers cry, laugh, worry, and fall in love along with the characters.

The scenery outside my office window changes from the Atlantic Ocean in Florida to gorgeous Lake Keowee in South Carolina. Music plays, helping my creative voice, and I write!!!