A New Passion Found…

May 26, 2015

The turn around point


My husband and I just spent a wonderful weekend in Utah. This time around, we tried out our new trail running vests by Ultimate Direction. Our first outing was a favorite hiking site, Taylor Creek in Kolob Canyon. The rocky, undulating terrain kept us on our toes (literally) to avoid twisted ankles, drenched feet, and face plants into rock. People hiking along the trail looked at us as if we had three heads, but that made it even more fun. The weather was spectacular, the breeze cooling as we stretched our limits on the way out to the double arches and back.

Our second run was a loop in the Red Cliffs, and about 3/4 of a mile into it, the rain started falling and the trail turned to mud! Thick red clay that stuck to your shoes and clumped until you felt you were dragging 20 lbs. of muck with you. Ever tried running in quick sand? That’s what this felt like. Every few steps, we’d shake our feet and watch the clumps fly off, only to collect more with the next few strides. We were committed, there was no turning back. We had to finish, so we kept pushing along, laughing as we went. Who knew trail running could be such an adventure?!!

As we continued forward, my muse poked her head out and shouted above my heavy breathing that I’d just found the athletic journey for Kate Brooks in Hart’s Passion. Originally, Kate was going to get hooked on mountain biking, but to be honest, when we lived in California, we mountain biked and I never fell in love with it. Give me a road and a skinny tired race bike and I’m in heaven, but bumping through rough terrain never made me smile. So Kate will now venture into trail running!!!

Since this is a new passion for me and my husband, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to gather research material for Kate before I have to sit down to write her story. (Remember it’s book 4 of the Passion’s Series.) We’ll have time to explore and find other challenging trails to conquer! My dreams are now filled with running through nature; the trees, the valleys, the canyons with the blue sky (or black clouds) overhead.

A new passion has been found. Trail running here we come … feet first!!!

Until next time, Hugs – Christine

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7 thoughts on “A New Passion Found…

  1. Christine
    As I sit house bound as caregiver for a semi invalid husband I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your trips and sports you do. When you write I can feel the sun on my back and the wind in my face as I am running along the trails or swimming or on my bicycle and by the way I never learned to ride a bike when I was young, Mother would not allow it. I think she though if I knew how to ride a bike I would leave home at 5. But it was ok for me to ride on the back fender of my girlfriends. Guess she thought Barbara my friend would make me come home. I still can’t ride a bike.
    But thank you for taking me so many places I would never have been to and doing things I never dreamed of. Your Blog is so good for me. It lets me see the world with you.

  2. Jo,
    It brings me such joy to know I can paint a realistic picture with words. To know you feel the energy as you read makes what I do priceless!!! Thank you, my dear friend, for supporting my dream.

  3. Christine, I hope you inspire more people to get out and enjoy the thrills and calmness of nature. It’s awe inspiring and peaceful all at the same time. And you have a way – through your writing – of sharing that with all of us. I Amy not be able to trail run. But I sure can trail walk!

  4. Thanks Lisa.
    It is a fabulous feeling to be out in nature!! Love the wind in my face and the sun on my back. You go girl, walking is great too.

  5. Christine,
    It’s always exciting to explore a new passion. You would love Sedona, AZ, too. Have fun exploring. Walking is more my speed. Perhaps someday, I’ll be one of the walkers you pass on your run.

  6. Anita,

    New passions fuel our writing, right? Always searching for new things to keep me busy. Love the southwest area so much!
    Would love to show you this area of Utah.
    Hugs – Christine

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