Tears of joy and sadness

Last night, I finished my novella, 19,200 words with a tearful ending. (Tearful for me anyway.) The joy of typing “the end” put a smile on my face, and a copy is now printed and in my husband’s in box. He gets the first read, before the four authors get together to finalize any changes, then off it goes to the editor!

Now it’s back to either Mystical Connections or Passion’s Promise – or maybe both, one is in the polishing stage, the other only has seven chapters written … so depending on my mood each day, I can choose to create or edit! Sounds like the PLAN.

So, where do the tears of sadness come in? Our son had to put his 13 year-old Husky down. Fallon was the most beautiful red husky, with sweet, loving caramel eyes. She gave PAW endlessly, her sweet disposition making everyone who met her fall in love.

It was the right decision, her hips and health have declined since Feb., but we’ll all miss her terribly. There is a hole in our hearts that we have to say goodbye.

Rest in peace, Fallon. We loved you very much <3

The good part is we are there for each other, we can grieve together. We can hug as we share the wonderful memories of her. She’ll continue to live in our hearts.

Tears of joy, tears of sadness mingle into today … until next time,

Hugs, Christine

Sisters of Spirit

I’m taking a quick break from my WIP, the Anthology, SISTERS OF SPIRIT, to update you on my progress. I hit 18,000 words yesterday, so I’m shy of my goal by only 2000 words. I’m adding new conflict, pacing the action, to keep you turning the pages when it finally lands in your hands! Still no firm date for publication, but since it’s already November, it won’t be too long a wait.

The four authors plan to get together in Early December to share our stories and weave the final threads, before sending them to the editor!! Once that’s done, PASSION’S PROMISE comes back to the forefront. Since Lachesis has PASSION’S RACE in their hands, it makes sense to get the second book finished and polished, right?

This has been such an exciting year. I feel Blessed, very Blessed. I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving … and I AM thankful for everything in my life.

I hope you feel blessed, too. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Until next time, Hugs – Christine

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