Spent an hour interviewing my Vet today …

PJ Madison, the heroine in my new ms, is going to be a Veterinarian – so I called my Vet to ask if he’d mind me interviewing him. We had a wonderful time, and I now have about a dozen full pages of information; including course requirements to get into the School of Veterinary Medicine, GPA minimums, Test Score mimimums & frequently used terms in the clinic.

He shared a few unusual stories that he’s graciously allowed me to use as PJ’s. Of course, PJ’s obsession bagan as a child, so Dr. Brammeier suggested she volunteer at her local Vet Hospital at the age of 15, and each year her duties could increase – helping her gain knowledge prior to college.

This is so exciting … I can’t wait to delve in and get PJ’s story off the ground. Thank you, Dr. Brammeier and Kingsbury Animal Hospital for being a huge part of my research.

Time to get back to work. Until next time, Hugs – Christine

Learning the breeds of my kitties …

By posting a picture of Samba on facebook, I learned from a friend that he is an American Bombay. (Thanks Jeff for sharing this info!) I researched the breed and sure enough, it fits Samba 100%. Which then got me thinking about Tango, our cute little Christmas find.

I Googled cat breeds and looked at lots of pictures, and one breed jumped out at me. One of the little faces looking at me looked exactly like Tango; same eyes, same nose, same chocolate coloring  – and the description of the personality fit her as well. So, though not 100% sure, I believe her to be a Chantilly/Tiffany.

Both breeds are extremely affectionate and loving, which does mirror both of their personalities – my beautiful lap kitties. We are so lucky to have been found by Tango … and just as lucky to have found Samba soon after.

I watch them as they sleep and my heart swells with love! I still miss Taco & Tequila so much, but I feel blessed that they gifted us with our two new babies. I’d love to hear about your furry friends. Who are they? And what do they do to fill your life with love? Share some of your favorite stories. Hugs – Christine

Our little girl

Our little girl

Samba is my new editor

Samba - my editor

My little guy as taken an interest in my WIP. Samba points out that my format is excellent, and he thinks I nailed the emotion in this scene. He purrs to show he likes what’s written so far. Then he sits patiently, waiting for me to continue.

His sister, on the other hand, has positioned herself on the right side of my computer, content to sleep and simply keep me company. She reaches out once in a while, gently patting my hand with her paw – “Just letting you know I’m here, Mom.”  

My babies, my companions; they fill my heart with such love. I could just eat them up, they’re so cute! They both have  distinct personalities and keep me laughing for hours. I couldn’t ask for better company while I work.

Awe, Tango just jumped off the desk to bring me her favorite toy. With a little mewl, she asks me to take a break and play. How can I ignore her beautiful little face? That’s right, I can’t. So, until next time – Hugs, Christine

Up & running again

My blog decided to have a meltdown last week, but it’s up and running again thanks to Dee. Don’t know what I’d do without you, Dee! You’re a gem.

I like this new version and plan to post more often, just because it’s fun. I’m currently learning the layout, so check back often to see what new things I’ve learned along the way.

Life continues to be exciting. John & I are training for the MS150 – no Ironman races this year, so our focus will be on the bicycle. We’re still enjoying the motorcycle, taking it out almost every weekend. Our kitties are growing up. Tango will be a year old in two weeks, and Samba will celebrate his first birthday two weeks after his sister.

PASSION’S RACE is in the hands of an agent, and I’m hoping she LOVES the story and feels it’s ready for publication. (Maybe a movie deal, too.) I’m working on PASSION’S PROMISE – revamped the plot ideas and started over with a more exciting premise. (Which reminds me; I need to update my WORKINGS page.) I’m spending some time with writer friends this summer and know I’ll get a lot of productive work done. So much creative energy flows when we sit in a room together … can’t wait.

If you haven’t done so already, please sign up for my newsletter. I don’t send out many, but it is my tool to keep you posted on when I get THE CALL. Until then – check in from time to time. I’m off to train, then it’s back to work on my WIP. Hugs – Christine

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