Excitement for the day!

Went for a run in the park to contemplate an issue that’s been nagging me from MYSTICAL CONNECTIONS — came home with the problem solved, two scenes to fix, and eight fire engines parked on my street. OMG – Seems the roof on the building next door caught on fire!! People gathered across the street said you could see flames dancing in the wind above the building and lots of black smoke pouring out.

Workers have been up on that roof for weeks now. Luckily, they’d just come down to fix something in an apartment near the basement when the fire started. No one was hurt.

I’m watching now as the last of the fire engines pulls away – The excitement is over, guess it’s time to shower and get those two scenes written. Until next time, C. 

Busy month of August

Week one was spent riding to Sturgis and playing with lots of bikers. There were five bikes in our group and we saw almost everything on our list … Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Iron-something road (twisty & fun), the eye of the needle (super twisty & tight), Nemo ranch, Fort Hayes, Spearfish creek, Devil’s Tower, Carhenge and so much more! Only thing we missed was the Badlands as we rode home on Saturday – five hours in the pouring rain, 40+ mph winds, and then five more hours in one hundred degree heat! Guess that will have to wait until the next trip.

Week two was spent with no internet, only my new characters to keep me company as I plotted and wrote the beginning of PASSION’S PROMISE, my fourth ms. Parker Jade (PJ) and Spencer took control and defined what their story will be … and so far, I’m lovin’ it!

The rest of the month will be all about writing, training, writing, training … see a pattern here? I’d like to get PP finished by the end of the year, and with a half marathon and a full marathon looming in January, I’ve got to get serious about running. Woohoo.

Best be on my way … until next time, enjoy your summer! Hugs – C.

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