The best birthday gifts …

do not come wrapped. My birthday weekend was the best yet! Why the best?

1. Time with my husband, doing all the things we like best, including motorcycles, beach, fun runs, sushi, champagne and so much more! 2. Time with our son, a weekend at the beach house, sharing in much of what we like doing. 3. Thoughtful and happy birthday wishes in many forms from family and friends. 4. Beautiful weather, even watching two thunderstorms roll in. 5. The ocean crashing on the sand as our back yard.

Hmm – I guess you could say all of the above are wrapped in LOVE! NICE.

If you’re having a birthday, may it be your best yet! Hugs — Christine 


Thought for the day.

To get my day started, I reached over to one of my many quote books. Randomly, I opened one of them to a page and here is what I got:

Greatness – When we don’t enjoy what we do, we only nick the surface of our potential. by Dennis Wholey.

How very true is that. My energy today will be spent writing cover letters and getting my partials ready for the post office. Got to love getting my work out there. As a very wise man commented on my last post, I can’t land a fish without having a hook in the water. How about seven plus hooks? More chances to land the BIG ONE!

Here’s hoping you all reach your potential. Hugs — Christine

Back from the conference.

I got home from the DC Conference yesterday, exhausted and energized. I’ve got several submissions to get in the mail … yeah! But on top of that, I reconnected with several friends I’d met at earlier conferences, met a few new friends, nailed my plans for my upcoming (fourth) project, including all the escalating conflicts and THE BIG BLACK MOMENT, and got autographed copies of books from a few of my favorite authors (Jayne Ann Krentz and Nora Roberts)!!

It’s going to be a busy month, but I have to be honest – that’s what keeps me loving this. There are never dull moments, my characters won’t allow that. Just when I think I understand what’s happening in their lives, they throw a curve ball and veer us on another path. More than once, they’ve forced me to ‘step out of my comfort zone’, but because of that, I’ve grown as a writer.

Maybe this year will finally be my year. Will I be lucky enough to find the right person, at the right time for one of my three finished projects? Will I graduate from writer to published author? Will I in the near future be able to share with you the stories that have captivated my heart? I sure hope so. Passion and hard work are only part of the recipe, persistence allows me the opportunity to fulfill my dream. One day – it will happen!

I think I mentioned the annual awards ceremony on which the conference ends. The RITA is for published authors and the Golden Heart recognizes outstanding unpublished manuscripts. This year’s ceremony was exceptionally special for I was cheering on several dear friends. Jessica Anderson was up for a RITA in the Contemporary Series Romance: Suspense/Adventure category — though she did not take home the statue this year, she was one of nine recognized for her outstanding talent in telling a story. Congrats Jess for finaling in such an impressive field.

I was also cheering for Elizabeth Devlin, a wonderful Rhode Island writer friend, who was up for a Golden Heart in the ‘novel with strong romantic elements’ category. She was one of eight who finaled … what an honor. Only one can win, and sadly it was not Elizabeth, but having made it to this level is in itself recognition for her talent. You rock, Elizabeth! And who knows, maybe this ms will go on to publish and win a RITA in an upcoming year. Wouldn’t that be fab?

To everyone pursuing a dream, I say, “Go get it, seek it out with passion in your heart and determination riding on your coat tails. Be the best you can truly be!”

Hmm, in order to make my mark on the world, I guess I should get back to work. So, until next time, hugs — Christine. 



RWA Nationals

It’s mid July and time once again to attend the RWA National Conference. This year it’s in DC. Not only will I be able to catch up with writer friends, I’m having dinner with an ex-neighbor from St. Louis. I can’t wait. I’m packed, my pitches are polished, and I’ve highlighted the workshops I want to attend.

Last year in one of the workshops, I met Kristan Higgins, who finaled and won a RITA. This year many of us will be cheering a good friend on to win a Golden Heart. We’re getting all dressed up for you Elizabeth! You go, girl! (For details about the RITA’s & Golden Hearts, check out

Tune in next week for exciting details about the conference. Until then, enjoy the summer heat. Hugs — Christine.




4th of July

Twenty-five years ago, on July 4th, 1984, my husband, John, our son, Mike, and John’s father, Ray went to the Firecracker 400 at Daytona Speedway. Some historic things happened that day — President Ronald Reagan flew in on Air Force One to start the race with that popular tag, “Gentlemen, start your engines.” AND Richard Petty won his 200th race.

Mike was four at the time and John remembers how wide Mike’s eyes were as the cars blasted by, the vibration from the engines and speed literally shaking his little body.

We pulled out the picture that had been taken of Mike and John standing beside Petty’s car after that race, because this past Saturday, on the 25th Anniversary of Mike’s first race, John & I took Mike and his wife, Veronica to see the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona Speedway. This would be V’s first Nascar race.

Richard Petty led the parade in his old car – number 43 and started the race as Reagan did years before. We were seated in the first row just past the start/finish line and V’s eyes were just as wide when the race started and the cars rocketed by.

It was a spectacular race, especially the finish with Kyle Busch crashing just before the checkered flag – the carnage of vehicles involved sliding down the track right in front of us. We all turned our heads and shielded our faces as debris rained down on us! Our hearts were in our throats as the crowd screamed and Tony Stewart celebrated his win.

The night sky lit up with a magnificent firework display and our fourth of July came to a close. What a memory this will be. I hope yours was just as memorable! Hugs – C.

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