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In November, I posted about the Bootcamp I moderated with Kristan Higgins, published author and 2008 RITA winner. 2008 was my first year serving on the PRO-Ed Committee which has accomplished incredible things in the last several years. Thanks go to Sherry Davis, Board PRO Liaison and Kay Lockner, National PRO-Ed Committee Chair for heading the committee and leading us on a priceless educational journey! Kay has graduated to PAN (Published Author Network) — a huge congratulations goes to her, but sadly she must leave the PRO-Ed Committee. She will be missed!

I’m honored to be asked to fill her shoes and Chair the committee for 2009. I hope I can carry the baton that Kay has handed me to continue the high level of education our PRO members deserve. This is an incredible opportunity, and I look forward to setting and meeting our goals and objectives in the coming year.

Wish me luck and check back periodically for updates. Happy Holidays, friends.

Hugs – Christine


First snow

Thanksgiving weekend was spectacular. The kids came up from Atlanta and we shared a huge meal with several friends who moved to the area this year. With a twenty-one pound turkey and all the fixin’s, we had enough food to feed fifty – left us plenty of left-overs to divy up. Yum. A few highlights from our weekend — hiking a park in Illinois and seeing bald eagles, going to the Fox Theatre to see “Cats”, watching the five tiger cubs play at the St. Louis Zoo, and getting snow for the kids to play in.

We drove the kids to the airport early this morning in a flurry of big, fat, wet snowflakes, and as I sit in the now quiet house writing this, the ground is coated in white. Winter is officially here and it’s beautiful. Now it’s time to focus on hubby’s birthday and Christmas … and of course, my WIP. There is much to do in the next month and planning for 2009 is included.

I leave you for now with a thought by Robert Townsend and a wish for a stress-free December. Until next time, enjoy!

Joy – Getting there isn’t half the fun, it’s all the fun!

Couldn’t have said it better myself … Hugs, Christine  

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