Felt like a kid.

I walked the beach this morning, 45 minutes north and then turned to come home, and on the way back I saw Dolphin. 10 or 12 bottle nose dolphin playing in the surf not far from shore. They swam along side as I continued to walk, surfing 2 and 4 abreast, jumping, flipping, and simply putting on a show. (Well, it certainly felt like a private show — as there was no one else on the beach but me.) I giggled like a child, enjoying their playfulness and the simple beauty of their freedom.

Finally, as I neared the stairway that leads home, I saw a woman walking toward me. I couldn’t tear myself away from the show, and I didn’t hesitate to stop her to share my giddiness. We stood with the water lapping our toes and laughed. She was in awe of how close they were to us, and like me, expressed a desire to go in and swim with them. We didn’t, of course, but for that brief moment, we shared the unique desire and felt like ten-year-olds again!  


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from my family to yours. May all of your wishes come true.

We hope that 2007 has been good to you and that 2008 brings health and good cheer, and plenty of laughter for all to hear. May the sun shine upon you, the rain cleanse your soul. May the birds sing you love songs and the winds calm your fear.

May the war end, so our kids can come home. May we hug all our loved ones, the ones who are near. Hold close the others, all who are dear and share in the goodness all through the year!

Speaking of next year — My goals include blogging twice a month and updating a portion of my website each month. Look for the first changes by mid-February. Thanks for checking in periodically, I appreciate your support more than you’ll ever know. 

Be safe, stay happy! Christine  


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